It's a special time at Manor Wildlife Park as we have welcomed two new baby lemurs!

  • Vulnerable Red-bellied lemur Mum Bonnie gave birth to a baby who is now 1 week old. Red-bellied lemurs are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity so we are delighted! Spot him in the Lemur Walkthrough, he might be carried by his mum or dad as male red-bellied lemurs carry their offspring nearly as much as the females do! 
  • Near-threatened Red-fronted lemur Mum Teasle gave birth to a cute baby 4 weeks ago after a pregnancy of about 4 months. Despite being called red-fronted only the females have a reddish brown coat, the males are grey to grey-brown and have a reddish crown on their heads. 

Both families of lemurs can be found in our Lemur Walkthrough. Photo by Suzanne Davies Kirby.