There’s a huge space to sit and stroll amongst the two types of wallaby in the enclosure. See the young in pouches. It’s lovely to meet such friendly and relaxed animals enjoying human contact. Where else could you feed and stroke a wallaby?

Lemur Walkthrough


If you loved Madagascar you’ll love meeting five species of lemurs in the Lemur Walkthrough – one of the largest in Europe. These little guys come right up to you!


With a state of the art primate house, this is home to Steve and Lisa and their son Bryn. How times change! Here you’ll enjoy seeing a once caged and badly damaged gibbon enjoying family life and enjoying the freedom of the trees. Steve even has a Facebook page! Have you liked him yet?

African Village

This is a real treat. Wander with goats, sheep and chickens through this traditional village and get a feel for traditional African life. See the Cameroon sheep, meet Geraldine the Goat and her twins, and wonder at how some chickens can be quite so frizzy!