At Manor House we understand the connections between all things. What's a bee or two amongst friends? Bees are vital to our foodchain, yet worldwide the bee is in decline  - and it's hard to believe that if the bee disappears we're all doomed... but it's true.

Our mission is to nurture and protect 52 organic acres of Pembrokeshire Parkland. We have an abundance of native flora and fauna - you'll see a riot of wildflowers, insects, newts and toads, lizards and dragonflies and wild birds, and native mammals.
There are important specimen trees. Set within this natural environment, you'll find endangered species from all over the world. You'll find animals that now only exist within captive breeding programmes.

We work with other zoos and animal organisations, assisting in breeding programmes with the aim of re-introducing endangered animals to the wild. But we all need to face the bald facts...

We humans are largely responsible for the dramatic rise in extinction rates. Not many people realise that the current rates of species extinction far exceed the rate at which new species occur. The Manor House Lemur Walkthrough is one of our visitor’s top up-close experiences, but few know that the whole of the island of Madagascar - the only place where lemurs are found in the wild - is threatened.

People who care about animals and biodiversity, and the future of the planet find this very worrying.


If habitats don't survive species will become extinct - including us humans. It's time to act to save this wonderful planet - it's not too late, yet.

Manor House is a conservation-led wildlife park. We take animal welfare very seriously, we house and protect a range of endangered animals. Our work is helped by your visits and your interest in what we do. So come along enjoy the park, there's lot do and plenty of fun to be had.

Our volunteers, friends, patrons and corporate members all help us to realise our aims.