We're keen for our visitors to use the park to make connections...

At Manor House you can connect with animals and their environments, connect with natural surroundings, connect with the environment and the serious challenges and threats facing the survival of the planet.

  • We all need to understand the inter-connectedness of flora, fauna and world climates.
  • We actively promote learning and understanding.
  • We offer special rates for groups.

The Animal Collection

The park is laid out to promote the care and protection of the collection in as natural a way as is possible.

Visitors can view animals close up, apparently without boundaries in natural settings. You meet animals as you would find them in the wild.

Our passion is to conserve endangered species in 52 acres of organic protected Pembrokeshire Parkland.

Signage programme

Gives practical and factual knowledge of individual animals in a visually engaging style

Promotes an understanding of animals in their natural habitats

Outlines threats and identifies endangered species

Informs on geography and world biomes

Encourages an interest and understanding of varying species

Encourages re-cycling

The Wildlife Trail

Broadly Primary School based, the trail offers opportunities to enhance literacy and numeracy skills

Engages children of all ages with a range of interesting facts and puzzles and fun about the wildlife park

Encourages enquiry and offers further research opportunities

Adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to science to develop curiosity and achieve successful learning

Keeper Knowledge and Talks

Our keepers and educators have an in-depth knowledge of the animals in the park. They engage and interact with visitors to promote an understanding and involvement with the issues and events affecting the collection.

Keeper talks include information on the day to day care of our animals, their diets and habitats. The whole wildlife park creates opportunities for close contact and appreciation of the needs of the animal world, and encourages visitors to develop a commitment to endangered species